Love and testimonials from all my amazing coaching clients!

Throughout my life I've consumed self help books, eastern philosophy and religion, in order to heal my ptsd, change my thoughts, and get over my traumatizing childhood. Battling the demons while raising a family and working to survive. I have admired life coaches from afar, and having been to therapy numerous times over 35 years, I didn't think a life coach could help. 

Then I met Nancy. I spent six sessions with her getting to the bottom of my thoughts, and how those thoughts cause my pain. I had never truly grasped that the circumstances are what they are, and so much of my agony was only coming from how I thought about those circumstances. 

Nancy helped me dissect and examine how to heal by examining what I was doing to myself. I feel so much more at peace now after only 6 sessions with her. The relief I feel is priceless. I am so truly grateful to her, and I'm so happy to call her my friend.
~ Lura L ~ Sumner, WA

"I feel so much more at peace after only 6 sessions with her. The relief I feel is priceless!"

Nancy is an amazing coach. She listens and cares. She pushed me gently even when I was struggling. Having someone who wants you to succeed in whatever way that looks like makes a huge difference. I think about things differently and reflect on what she taught me. I appreciate Nancy very much. 
~ Rachel K ~ Tacoma, WA

"Nancy is an amazing coach. She listens and cares."

Nancy has helped me confront and challenge long-held beliefs that were blocking me from getting the results I wanted. Part strategist and part thought-provoker, she brings a calm and steady curiosity to her coaching which has helped put me in motion to getting the result I was looking for. I value the time spent with her and wouldn't be as far along in achieving my goal without her support.  

~ Jayne R ~ Kirkland, WA

"I wouldn't be as far along in achieving my goal without Nancy's support"

I have had several coaching sessions with Nancy, and I can’t say enough good things about her.
Nancy brings her powerful insights, intuition, patience, and compassion to every session.
She has taught me to trust myself and to believe in myself by teaching me how to manage the thoughts that create my feelings. That one was difficult for me at first, and she was so patient with me while I processed that concept and realized how true that is. I now catch myself in mid-thought and know it is JUST A THOUGHT! A massive step for me!
I would recommend Nancy to anyone looking to do the work that it takes to gain a stronger sense of self!
~ Mary W. Kihei, HI

"I love coaching with Nancy!! Nancy brings her powerful insights, intuition, patience, and compassion to every session!"

I just wanted to thank you for your coaching this week! Seriously! It blew my mind what was underneath it all. Today, I have sat and "brainstormed" and put some thoughts together and would you believe I have more than enough content for the week!️ Love you lady! Happy Sunday! 

~ Jessica R ~ Rexburg, ID

"It blew my mind what was underneath it all."

Nancy's coaching helped me get my conflicting thoughts to a peaceful place. She taught me how understanding my thoughts can change the way I see the challenges in my life. Her coaching is priceless. It has helped me so much.

~ Kami B ~ Puyallup, WA

"Her coaching is priceless. It has helped me so much."

I'd like to start off by making it clear that Nancy McCartney is my sister. Woohoo!
For the most part, I've always compared my life to a pinball machine. I've tended to get flung all over the place with an occasional big whap spinning me off in an unexpected direction. I've had a number of issues over the years that I've had a difficult time dealing with in a healthy way. One of the worst was my bad habit of analyzing/over-analyzing people and situations. This alone has brought me a tremendous amount of grief and anxiety.
After a number of conversations with Nancy while I was stuck in the midst of conflicts with different people, I'd try to tell her what I believed was behind their behavior that I found questionable or objectionable. Every time, she'd gently try to convince me that I had no idea what had triggered their words or actions. I didn't want to hear that. Because I couldn't understand what or why they said or did the things they did, I was forcing myself to try and figure it out anyway.
I don't know how many times we talked about this but one thing I learned is that I couldn't really believe it until I could believe it myself. Meaning I couldn't believe it just because Nancy said it was true. After putting myself through a lengthy period of chaos, somewhat beating my head against the wall, Nancy's words finally broke through the wall I'd created in my brain. Honestly, one day I woke up and realized that a friend hadn't done what she said she was going to do and she never contacted me about it. Instead of getting mad (like I used to do), I thought to myself "she must have forgot, or she got busy, or she decided not to do it afterall and didn't tell me". Previously, I'd think "she doesn't like me, she's mad at me, she looked at me this way because I said something to offend her ..." 
I was not only driving myself crazy with those thoughts, I was destroying my own self esteem. 
Nancy never gave up on me. Even though I made it clear a couple of times that I didn't want to hear her advice, she stuck with me and finally set me loose to figure it out on my own with the wisdom she'd been sharing with me. I eventually did it. And just like that, I broke the very bad and hurtful habit that had basically controlled my life up to that point. After years of trying to understand other people's motives, the day came when I not only realized that I couldn't guess what drove them to do what they did, I didn't even care what it was any more. It was like the weight of the world slid off my shoulders.
I love Nancy, not just because she's my sister, but because she gave me the tools to take control of my own thoughts. I'd been allowing those thoughts to undermine my world and my self esteem for the majority of my life. What she suggested was life changing but it was also ridiculously simple. Just let go of my thoughts ... what a concept. I can't wait to work with her to figure out a way around all those other annoying little habits of mine ... Thanks Nancy.

~Marilyn M. Apache Junction, AZ

"I love Nancy because she gave me the tools to take control of my own thoughts. It's been life changing."