Teaching brilliant women how to challenge their beliefs about growing older and embrace your beautiful self exactly as you are NOW.

Are you sick of feeling old and tired?

Hey! I'm Nancy!

Because of emotional baggage or physical challenges that are weighing you down? Exhausting relationships? Arthritis? A boring job? Aging in general? Other debilitating health issues? A passionless life? 

I get it. I've been there. I found my way through and I want to share it with you! Nothing stirs my soul more than when a client makes a breakthrough in their own mind. It changes everything.

Throughout my life I've consumed endless self help and therapy, eastern philosophy and religion, in order to heal my ptsd and get over my traumatizing childhood. I didn't think a life coach could help. Then I met Nancy. I spent six sessions with her getting to the bottom of my thoughts. Nancy helped me dissect how to heal by examining what I was doing to myself. The relief I feel is priceless. I am so truly grateful to her, and I'm so happy to call her my friend.
~ Lura L.

"The relief I feel is priceless"

Nancy has helped me confront and challenge long-held beliefs that were blocking me from getting the results I wanted. Part strategist and part thought-provoker, she brings a calm and steady curiosity to her coaching which has helped me to getting the result I was looking for. I wouldn't be as far along in achieving my goal without her support. 
~ Jayne R.

"I wouldn't be as far along in achieving my goal without Nancy's support"

• Stepping forth fearlessly to claim the life you’ve been longing for. Feeling passionate about yourself, your home, your relationships and the choices you are making for you.

• Finally believing in yourself. Trusting your gut to make the tough decisions that have held you back in your life...until NOW.

• Waking up in the morning and feeling excited to get your day going. Having a deep sense of contentment, purpose, and peace about your body and yourself.

• Knowing, understanding and accepting yourself deeply, despite all of the challenges that want to pull you backwards. Newfound compassion for yourself has given you the freedom to dive fully into chasing your dreams...and achieving them!


You’ve struggled against it all for long enough. (Insert deep breath here). Let me show you the way.

Now can be the most rich and rewarding time in your journey so far. It’s time to uncover your gifts and talents that have been buried under life’s burdens and responsibilities. And maybe even develop a few new ones! Self-love and compassion can be fleeting (or completely absent!) for so many of us.

Let's clear out all the debris in your life and creating the stuff dreams are made of.

The Vibrant New You Package

This package is perfect for working intently on one specific situation you would like clarity around.

One to One Six-Week Package

We will quickly work through whatever life-fire is burning right now and extinguish it together!

One Hour Brush-Up Session


My biggest dream is to guide you to explore what is blocking you in your life right now. Here's how we can do that.

Find out how amazing your life can become! Life cannot be experienced sitting on the sidelines thinking about what it might be. You must participate. We are not just going to flesh out all the juicy details of your ‘inner treasure chest’, we are going to explore your THOUGHTS...where it all begins.